Get the best possible pricing and terms with proven cSubs negotiators and our license management services.

Bring more influence to the bargaining table with cSubs on your side.

Our team works alongside yours to accurately assess your usage and benchmark publisher pricing for similar contracts. Equipped with this valuable information, our experienced negotiators work with publishers to reduce your costs on both renewals and current, in-force contracts.

Don’t wait until your subscriptions are up for renewal to learn how you can improve your publisher terms. By analyzing your portfolio, we’ll confirm that your contracts are right-sized, consolidated, volume-leveraged and priced fairly.

Full-suite services designed to improve your terms

Industry Expertise

Our experienced account managers understand the content relevant to your industry and maintain relationships with publishers in your field. Negotiating professionals from cSubs work with your key stakeholders and publishers to implement best practices by everyone.

New Contracts and Renewals

We work with you to review your enterprise, global, regional and group licenses to determine if you can qualify for better terms — even if your contract’s not yet up for renewal.

Specialized Content

We build and maintain relationships with relevant data and content suppliers, so we can help you manage not only licenses but also memberships, memberships, market data, research and more.

Consolidate Duplicates

We maintain records of all your license contracts and usage stats, so we can find opportunities to consolidate and reduce duplication with no loss of access.

Why use cSubs for your publisher negotiations?

Reduce Costs and Improve Terms

Benchmark your spend against industry best practices and identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve your terms.

Alleviate Administrative Burden

Reduce the time required to gather usage data and identify alternatives. Our team does the heavy lifting for you. Our team does the heavy lifting for you.

Stretch Your Budget

Achieve quantifiable savings by letting our skilled advisors do the legwork and negotiate on your behalf.