cSubs Consolidation Service improves delivery of your North American journals.

Overseas delivery complications? Delays, damaged journals, high costs?

Extend your budget, reduce claims and improve delivery on thousands of titles by using cSubs as your consolidated delivery hub. We’ll receive all your North American journals at our New Jersey location, check your publications in, monitor delivery and issue claims on your behalf, protect against damage, and ship in bulk to the location(s) of your choice.

Simplify delivery and reduce strain on your mail facilities room with our consolidation services for your subscriptions. cSubs will collect and pack your company’s journals into a complete door-to-door transport that arrives in mint condition.

Streamline your subscription services, starting now

White Glove Service

Our careful handling and close tracking prevent routing misplacement or damage to expensive journals.

ILS Compatible

Our team provides personalized attention to your check-in and claim processes while remaining compatible with Integrated Library Systems (ILS).

Customizable Services

Pre-printed labels, journal sorting and routing slips ensure that your subscription issues are shelf-ready upon arrival to your locations.

Why use cSubs consolidation services?

One Point of Contact

Consolidate ordering and invoicing by relying on cSubs as a single point of contact for all your journals and books.

Accelerate Distribution

Receive journals more regularly and rapidly by ground or air by letting us become your organization’s dedicated distribution center.

Control Costs

Reduce your shipping costs through subscription consolidation and shipping to/from a single central North American location.