Centralize your Subscription Orders in a Beautiful Online Platform

We provide all the tools your team needs with our user-friendly software. cSubs has a host of processes we use to build successful subscription programs for companies of all sizes. We also provide a seamless conversion from any other subscription agency

User Database Import

Give us a list of your users and related data, and we will add those records to your customized subscriptions database.

User Data Synchronization

We work with your Technology team to automatize synchronization of user data between the two systems.

Previous Vendor Import

Let us use export files from your previous subscription vendors to create complete, historical reporting. As a result, your subscriptions and renewals continue uninterrupted.

Publisher & Title Research

Give us a list of titles, and we will work with publishers in advance to ensure the best possible pricing for your organization starting on day one.

Approvers & Privileges Setup

We import your information about approvers, administrators, managers, and other privileged users

Electronic Invoicing

In addition to flexible, paper-based invoicing, cSubs provides electronic options in EDI, cXML, XML, Excel, and custom client-specific formats.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay us by check, EFT or ACH, declining-balance deposit account, corporate purchasing card, or credit card.

Website Customization & Lockdown

We brand your cSubs site with your logo and a selection of optional features. You can also make your site available only to users connecting from specific locations.