Flexible Options for Orders

cSubs Subscription Services allows you to send orders through your customized website, email, mail or fax. If your company uses a procurement system like Ariba or SAP, you can seamlessly punch out to cSubs — using your approval routing while enjoying the benefits of your customized cSubs website.

Powerful Approval Options

Talk about flexibility — with the cSubs platform; you have access to single or multi-level approvals, direct one-to-one approval, approval exceptions, approval by organizational unit, multiple approvers sharing responsibility — even alternate approvers to accommodate vacations and travel.

We can electronically route approvals with email notification, or we can verify approvals on orders by fax or mail. Plus, the approval trail for every order is immediately available to administrative users using cSubs Real-Time Reporting.

Flexible Renewals

With cSubs, you have a flexible interface to navigate the subscription renewal process — insulating you from the chaos and confusion of dealing directly with publishers and multiple renewal notices.

The broad selection of renewal options offered by cSubs lets you choose from monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual renewals, all including convenient cSubs Just In Time Invoicing.

You also have options for renewal notice delivery. We can send directly to subscribers, subscription coordinators, or department managers. Plus, we can provide renewal lists live in your cSubs website, email, spreadsheet, and hardcopy.
Regardless of whether your organization uses a centralized or distributed philosophy, cSubs accommodates your needs.