We love technology at cSubs, but we are firm believers that computers cannot offer the same level of personal attention as a caring, motivated human being. As a result, cSubs principals personally supervise every account.

We assign day-to-day responsibilities to a dedicated account team that includes a Senior Account Supervisor, Account Executive, Customer Service Representative, and Publisher Relations Manager.

cSubs divides our account teams along industry lines to ensure each team develops a strong working knowledge of industry publications and the unique needs of different corporate sectors.

The benefits of a dedicated account team result in several people assigned to your account. They understand your company, your needs, and your industry. Plus, when you pick up the phone and need answers, you will speak with the same dedicated group every time.

cSubs account teams build strong relationships with client subscribers. We train all cSubs employees to provide excellent customer service through personal attention and thorough follow-up at all times. That is a promise.