cSubs Clarity ℠: The Future of Corporate Information Management

The team at cSubs has been in the trenches with special librarians – we know the role requires wearing many hats. Researcher. Administrator. Ledger-keeper. And keeper of the keys with regards to corporate licenses and subscriptions.

cSubs is pleased to introduce cSubs Clarity ℠ Service®, a comprehensive, user-friendly answer to managing multi-user and enterprise licensed content. cSubs Clarity ℠ is a hosted web-based service which centralizes an organization’s access credentials, licensing, purchasing, terms and conditions, contracts, auditing, legal compliance, and business intelligence. The service is designed for efficient, streamlined functionality, giving users the ability to quickly and easily view data on contracts, usage, expiration dates, and more.

  • Log in from any device to access the cSubs Clarity ℠ dashboard
  • Easily locate contracts and subscription details with cSubs Clarity ℠ A-to-Z
  • Complete administrative tasks in the cSubs Clarity ℠ Manager
  • Get to the bottom of the numbers with cSubs Clarity ℠ Analytics

cSubs Clarity ℠ Saves Your Organization Money While De-cluttering Your Data.

It identifies duplication of content, as well as those contracts which need to be “right- sized” to reflect actual usage. cSubs Clarity ℠ ensures that departments and regions which share content libraries do not accidently double-up on licenses – or on expenses. And our consultative offering includes the renegotiation of existing subscription terms and fees, with no out-of-pocket cost to you – eliminating between 5 and 10% of your current license expenses.

Depending on the scope of your organization’s requirements, cSubs Clarity ℠ can be customized and scaled for specific individuals or an entire enterprise.

Harness the Power of the Most Advanced Contract Management Tool

Your role is indispensable. Clarity helps provide the hard data to back up your ROI.

We are here to make your life easier. Ready to speak with a Clarity representative?