Are You Overspending On Your Data, With Duplicated Subscriptions & License Contracts That Are Too Large Or Are Not “Right Sized” Or Reflect Your Actual Usage?

Have You Purchased An Enterprise Or Global License, Only To Find That Another Department Or Region Has Purchased A License For The Same Content, Duplicating The Access … & The Expense?

Are You Spending More Than Necessary On Your Licenses? Can You Gain Better Terms, Lower Costs?

cSubs License Evaluation, Consolidation & Negotiation Services

cSubs – Corporate Subscription Management Services, LLC – offers our clients a set of services designed to consolidate vendors, right-size your licenses, and provide significant cost reductions on your multi-user and enterprise licensed content. These include, for example:

  • Enterprise, Global, Regional, and Group Licenses
  • General online business publications, such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times
  • Specialized content
  • Associations, Memberships, Dues
  • Research articles, and more

cSubs will analyze your license contracts and use of these materials, and identify duplicated licenses – such as a purchase of an enterprise license, duplicated by regional and departmental license purchases. We will assess your usage, and negotiate with publishers to reduce your costs – not only on renewals, but even on current, in-force contracts.

In many cases, we have been able to reduce our clients’ costs by 10% to 30%, with no reduction in service.

cSubs Clarity ℠ Licensed Content Management Service

cSubs also offers cSubs Clarity ℠, a unique service relating to the management of multi-user and enterprise licensed content.

cSubs’ Clarity ℠ Service will enable you to centralize your organization’s access credentials, licensing, purchasing, terms and conditions, contracts, auditing, legal compliance, and business intelligence in one powerful, convenient tool. No installation or on-site IT commitment is required; cSubs Clarity ℠ is a hosted web-based service following the software-as-a-service model. Depending on your organization’s requirements, you can provide cSubs Clarity ℠ for specific individuals, larger groups or organizational units, or the whole enterprise.

  • Store contract document for view by contract managers and users
  • Store terms and conditions, force agreement to help ensure compliance, document compliance in the event of publisher audit
  • Provide single sign-on and direct links to facilitate convenient usage, reduce the need for passwords and unauthorized sharing of credentials
  • Store contract documents and rationalized contract data to facilitate management
  • Store and manage user lists to control access
  • Allocate and invoice costs across users, by percentage or amount
  • Track logins to ensure publisher compliance and provide measures of usage
  • Administrators can audit login and usage activity for a given resource
  • Holdings and entitlements searchable and viewable in an A-to-Z resource
  • User can create favorite or frequently accessed resources directly to dashboard, each with its own clickable tile
  • Display of enterprise wide resources in holdings and entitlements list, improve access and help prevent duplicate contracts
  • In-line “sparkline graph” showing user activity in administrator view to help evaluate value of licensed material and assist in publisher negotiations
  • Optional discussion view for license participants or credentialed users
  • Usage statistics — table views, graph views, searchable, lists of most accessed content and active users
  • User seats may be released for reassignment by Administrators, or may released automatically based on HR employee file updates
  • Administrators can suspend user access, or turn off resource within cSubs Clarity℠ entirely
  • Administrators can view access and click-acknowledgement log for any managed resource
  • Administrator-controlled renewal polling to simplify renewal process

cSubs Subscription Management Service

This cSubs service provides our clients with a variety of services relating to individual subscriptions, books and memberships including:

  • Easy, seamless import (and correction) of current-subscriptions database;
  • Consolidated ordering and renewals of journals, magazines, newspapers, memberships, directories, books, digital and online content;
  • Automatic Minimum Rate Selection on every order;
  • Track “Special Offers” and determine eligibility for publisher discounts, based upon job title, department function, volume discounts, etc.;
  • Identify subscriptions available free of charge;
  • Identify “Who Gets It” opportunities to share and thereby reduce subscription volume;
  • Prevent unnecessary, premature and multi-year renewals;
  • Provide customized real-time reports that managers can use to reduce costs;
  • Centralize billing with customized formats;
  • Cancel and obtain credits for subscriptions ordered by former employees;
  • Process changes of name and address as requested;
  • Combine duplicate subscriptions, extend renewal dates;
  • Verify and enforce order approval rules;
  • Consolidate invoice payments, as client remits once to cSubs and cSubs remits to all publishers;
  • Integration with corporate procurement and ERP systems, including punchout, purchase order, electronic invoicing, and electronic payment.

Single Sign-On & Punchout Available

cSubs offers punchout/roundtrip, electronic PO, and electronic invoicing integration with major e-procurement systems, including Ariba, SAP, Oracle, Perfect Commerce, Peoplesoft and others. Our complete catalog (or, at your option, a limited catalog), together with all cSubs system functionality is available to your end users.

Flexible Invoicing Options

cSubs provides a number of invoicing options, both traditional and electronic. For electronic invoices, we offer XML/cXML, xCBL, EDI, Excel, and custom-configured formats according to customer specification.

Invoicing and payments can be made through your P2P e-procurement system, or via hard copy or electronically. We accept payment via check, wire, p-card, ghost or credit card. We can accommodate multiple ghost cards, and a different card for each division or workgroup is not an unusual request.

Integration of library & end-user ordering

The cSubs system identifies each user by login, and provides system access and capabilities that vary depending on user roles and permissions. Users may order for themselves or others, depending on system settings. Users may monitor orders placed by others, or not, depending on system settings. Library users can utilize the cSubs books and subscriptions management system to turn the entire organization into a de facto library.

cSubs Fees & Guaranteed Savings

cSubs offers separate pricing structures for License Contract Negotiations, cSubs Subscription Management Services, and cSubs Clarity ℠ Licensed Content Management tool.

License Contract Negotiations

cSubs will negotiate with selected publishers to improve your licensed content pricing and terms. We have been very successful on behalf of our clients, with typical cost reductions in the 5% to 10% range. There are no out of pocket costs for this service; our charge for publisher negotiations is one third of the savings.

cSubs Subscription Management Services

For basic subscription management services, cSubs’ standard service charge is 5% .

For Ariba implementation, cSubs charges a $3000 initial, one time set up fee. However, this fee is waived on accounts with an expected first year gross revenue exceeding $50,000. For accounts that are not initially expected to reach that spend threshold, but who do exceed it by the end of one full year of service, this fee will be refunded.

cSubs Clarity ℠ Licensed Content Management Service

For cSubs Clarity ℠ Service, cSubs typically charges the fees described below. These typical fees will vary, based upon the number and nature of the licenses you wish to place under management.

Your costs for cSubs Clarity ℠ Service are probably less than it would cost to hire and maintain an employee to organize and manage your licensed content internally.

Sample Account Setup Charges

Description One Time Setup Charge
License setup including publisher contact for single sign on, user credentials and IP range verification, contract storage, renewal date and terms storage, publisher and client contact information normalized and stored $1300 per contract
Normalize and import employee records including name, address, email and telephone, location code, address work units. 500 to 5,000 employees – $10,000

5,000 to 25,000 employees – $15,000

25,000 or more – $25,000

Terms Terms can be structured as an initial payment with subsequent milestone payments
System customization TBD – Upon client specifications

Sample Annual Charges

Description Annual Charge
License maintenance including publisher contact for single sign on, user credentials and IP range verification and adjustment, contract storage, renewal date and terms storage, publisher and client contact information indexed and stored in searchable fields $1,200 per contract

70 basis points on transactions processed for cSubs payment to publisher

Provide ongoing user support. Maintain employee records including name, address, email and telephone, location code, address work units.  Adjust records as needed.  Assign, modify, and revoke user privileges as desired. 500 to 5,000 system users – $15,000

5,000 to 9,999 system users – $25,000

10,000 or more – $40,000

Global support add 50%

Invoice Remittance by ACH or Check No Charge
Invoice Remittance by other method 3.8% Invoice Charge

What Makes cSubs Unique

The cSubs client applications, both cSubs Clarity ℠ and cSubs Standard Subscription Management, are unique in the industry. No other service offers the ability to manage your licensed content and print content the way that cSubs provides. Whether it’s mitigation of risk of non-compliance with publisher terms and conditions, consolidation of orders across divisions and cost centers to achieve efficiencies and cost reductions, allocation of costs across multiple divisions and cost centers, contract storage and maintenance and terms, polling of users to assess renewal preferences, insights into usage patterns and other cost critical information, integration with your Ariba, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, or other system for approval routing, reporting or P2P invoicing, cSubs offers unmatched benefits to your company and your users, and unique expertise in our field of corporate license and subscription management.

While other services focus and specialize in the academic and institutional fields, cSubs specializes in the corporate market. We are uniquely experienced at serving the needs of the corporate, multi-divisional marketplace.

Unlike other subscription management services, cSubs does far more than simply process your orders or your renewal list. We act in a consultative capacity, working continually to help you reduce your costs and utilize your purchased content most efficiently and most effectively. We will utilize negotiated rate reductions, automated duplication avoidance, regular culling of subscriptions ordered by separated employees, frequent identification of sharing opportunities and copy management, to help you, like our other clients, reduce their books and subscriptions spend by 10% or more annually.

cSubs is a WBENC-Certified Woman-Owned Company

Headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, with 20 employees in New York, New Jersey, Florida and on the West Coast, cSubs has been providing subscription, e-content, book and license management services to corporate and professional services clients since 1989. Our clients are located throughout North America, and we provide services through strategic partnerships to clients throughout Europe and Asia.

cSubs is a Woman-Owned Business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and is the proud recipient of numerous awards from that National Council, the Women Presidents Organization, Diversity, Inc. Magazine and others. cSubs has been named one of the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for five years running. Additionally, cSubs and our key employees are active members of the Association of Subscription Agents and Intermediaries (ASA), Special Libraries Association (SLA), XYZ Association of Publishers and Subscription Agents, the Fulfillment Management Association (FMA) and other organizations.

For More Information, Or to Arrange an Online Demonstration of cSubs Client Systems, Please Contact

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