Streamline Corporate Information Management

As a provider of knowledge resources management services for corporations, cSubs gives businesses the tools to procure, renew, and manage the use of periodicals, books, journals, multi-user licensed content and market data.

Managing enterprise-wide subscriptions and media content is a daunting task. cSubs simplifies information management with services that improve workflow. The result is peace of mind and substantial financial savings across departments of business, both local and global.

Easily process orders and renewals via the Internet (and by fax or email), complete with single or multiple-level approval routing for all team sizes. Our clients also benefit from flexible renewal options.

Choose from 60-day, 90-day, semi-annual or annual renewal lists with cSubs Just In Time Billing. We send renewal notices directly to subscribers, department managers or subscription coordinators through your preferred method of communication.

We offer our customers a track record of trust and a positive reputation in the subscription management industry.  Delivering top-of-the-line products and services is just one segment of the cSubs process. We strive to offer the highest level of customer service because a cSubs client’s satisfaction is the measurement of our success.

cSubs Clarity

We reduce redundancy through collaboration. Our teams assess a business’ usage and contract terms across divisions. cSubs strives to identify areas to leverage consolidation and volume.

Organizing a corporation’s subscription management plan leads to simplified processes and cost reduction. Learn more.

cSubs Subscriptions

Our platform streamlines subscription management into an advanced, yet user-friendly dashboard. The benefits of using cSubs include reduced administrative burden, expedited renewals without early or duplicate orders, consolidated vendors, support for publisher claims, and refunds for redundant subscriptions. Learn more.

cSubs Consolidation

Businesses unify subscriptions into a single source with cSubs simple solution. Consolidating corporate information through a singular platform saves money, reduces claims, and improves delivery.

Contract Negotiations

Expert cSubs negotiators use their knowledge and experience across many clients and multiple sectors, to ensure that your organization enjoys the most favorable terms on both new contracts and renewals. We will put our team to work on your behalf, analyzing your entire portfolio to make sure your contracts are right-sized, consolidated, volume-leveraged and priced fairly.