Swets, a longtime cSubs competitor, and industry denizen, has filed for bankruptcy. The sudden fall of Swets heightens our awareness of how quickly conditions change in our industry, how difficult it can be to respond strategically to marketplace challenges, and how each step counts.

September 24, 2014

Agents, publishers, and customers together form a service chain; when one link suddenly fails, those that remain must adapt, realign, and reestablish their connections, so the chain continues to function. This shift presents new opportunities and possibilities for both agents and customers. cSubs is here to help — as forward-looking, sure-footed, and creative problem solvers, we’re a strong link anchoring that knowledge resource management supply chain.

Transition Experts Ready to Help

As a privately held, woman-owned company, cSubs has successfully served the market for more than 30 years. We are available today to help you and your organization with all your subscriptions, including print and electronic, single subscriber and group, individual licenses and multi-user contracts. Our experienced, dedicated account teams work successfully with organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 100.

At cSubs, we are experts in rapid, flexible, and seamless transitions. The Swets bankruptcy presents the additional challenge of occurring at the height of renewal season, so our experts are ready immediately to help your organization at this critical time of year.

Minimizing Financial Impact

We understand the substantial financial impact and gravity of the Swets announcement. While the situation is unnerving, we are ready to help you mitigate risk, and seamlessly transact renewals — and most importantly, we are here to advise and provide a safe haven during this storm. Our publisher relations team is already working with major publishers to see that there are no service interruptions for Swets customers who engage cSubs, and to minimize the financial impact on any cSubs clients who have previously remitted payment to Swets.

To discuss the ways we can be of service to you and your organization, please contact any of us:

  • David Rifkin
    Executive Vice President
    (201) 307-9900 extension 102, drifkin@csubs.com
  • Randy Bloom
    Business Development Manager
    (201) 307-9900 extension 125, rbloom@csubs.com
  • Nick Collison
    Library Support Manager, Publisher Relations
    (201) 307-9900 extension 121, ncollison@csubs.com
  • Allyson Castelluccio
    Onboarding Manager, Business Development
    (201) 307-9900 extension 120, allyson@csubs.com

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