Gain control of your corporate information.
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Reduce wasted time and unnecessary expense by consolidating your entire corporate information management process onto one powerful platform. During your demo, we’ll show you how cSubs SaaS provides easy-to-manage solutions to the most important questions facing CEOs, CIOs and corporate librarians today:

  • Is the information you’re purchasing useful?
  • Are you acquiring and renewing efficiently? At the lowest cost?
  • Are you duplicating acquisitions across regions?
  • Is your data available to the right employees?
  • Can you provide access to some users and deny access to others?
  • Are you confident that you’re managing compliance with publisher terms?

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Let us walk you through the proven corporate information management solutions that are trusted by 400,000+ professionals at some of the world’s largest and most diversified companies.

Extend Your Budget

Get the best rates on subscriptions and eliminate the risk of duplicate subscriptions.

Consolidate Your Subscriptions

Save time and money by using our North American location as a hub for all your content mailings.

Streamline Your Process

Assign and revoke seats, rack usage statistics, allocate costs across users and workgroups, poll users for renewal decisions — all from a single platform.

Ensure Compliance

Store all contracts and T&C documents in one convenient repository. Remind users to accept and adhere to publisher terms. Review and renew in time to avoid fire drills.