Effective enterprise data management is key to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s information-intensive business realm. However, the delivery of information has undergone a paradigm shift, and many companies are still running to catch up. As David Rifkin, cSubs’ Executive Vice President and Chief Client Officer describes:

“The challenges that today’s businesses face—including overspending on data, duplicating user access across departments, and the risk of violating publisher terms—pave the need for an innovative, intuitive solution to manage information purchases, licenses and contracts. This is what cSubs offers. Our value proposition is simple – we integrate the disparate elements of the information delivery process into a single platform and deliver them to our clients in an easily accessible form.”

Over a career which has encompassed multiple businesses and sectors, one constant for David has been his analytical approach to problem-solving. With regard to the licensed content management space, he observes:

 “The major pain point that we see is the disharmony between four distinct groups in organizations—technology, library, data managers, and end-users—all of whom wish to maintain control over their purchased information. They all have valid reasons for this. For instance, end-users need to have access to all the information required for them to do their jobs. Librarians in business information centers are required to manage licenses and monitor access to these resources. Technology groups claim that information needs to be coordinated through their systems for efficient delivery within the company. Data groups have their own requirements too.”

Once a challenge of any sort has been described David prefers to move quickly and directly to find a solution, and his business practice is testament to this approach. For example, in order to address the demands of these organizational groups competing over information management, he describes how “cSubs created the Clarity platform in order to provide a consolidated solution that eliminates this rift between various groups, fulfills all of their needs and enables them all to have appropriate control over information.”

In addition to imposing order and control, David advocates for solutions that have a measurable impact on business success. “In a world of limited resources, maximizing value and streamlining processes is vital. Our solutions enable users to identify and access their existing subscription resources, request access to company resources controlled by others, submit purchase orders for new products, manage licenses and contracts, and save time and money in the process.”

Such a pragmatic attitude to information management brings significant benefits to all concerned, and David sums it up neatly: “Our robust offering propels the delivery of relevant information, breaks down silos within organizations, and ensures that cSubs’ clients are maximizing the value of their information spend.”