Kenneth Redler

Chief Technology Officer

Ken Redler has been conceiving, building, and shipping web software since 1994. Ken brings a designer’s sensibility to software engineering, and a software engineer’s pragmatism to design. His passion is making products, and teams that make products, informed by art, science, and market opportunity. At cSubs Ken heads up technology, product strategy, and research and development. Ken is a frequent speaker at conferences and events worldwide, both as an industry expert and as an evangelist for cSubs products and services. Prior to cSubs, Ken was CEO and co-founder of Comvision, a web software firm in New York City, and built several web-based services and companies. Ken is also on the board of directors of FwdCode, a non-profit Hackathon organization that helps bring the passion and creativity of tech to the collegiate market. Ken holds an AB in English from Dartmouth College.