Culture-Driven, Customer-Focused Leadership

Although cSubs makes extensive use of technology, we believe that computers cannot offer the same level of personal attention as a caring, motivated human being.  Every cSubs account is personally supervised by our principals.

Passion experience and innovation – these three words perfectly articulate the talent possessed by the cSubs management team. By combining decades of diverse experience, Julie Sue Auslander, David Rifkin, and Kenneth Redler bring culture-focused, customer-centered and cutting-edge leadership to the team, driving award-winning results.

cSubs is a nationally recognized company serving Fortune 500 clients. It possesses an unusual clarity of purpose and a corporate ethos that binds employees and customers together. The company’s core mantra is bringing value to its clients in the form of unparalleled service.

Julie Auslander

President, Chief Cultural Officer

Julie Sue Auslander is the company’s Chief Cultural Officer or Corporate Evangelist and avoids the traditional “President” persona. These terms better reflect her commitment to a process of insight and discovery — a process that shaped her role as a leader of a successful woman-owned business.

David Rifkin

Executive Vice President

Before Corporate Subscriptions and cSubs, David Rifkin was a founder and Senior Vice President of LoJack of New York/New Jersey Corporation, responsible for marketing a stolen vehicle recovery system linked to Federal and State Police crime computers and patrol cars located throughout the metropolitan area.

Ken Redler

Chief Technology Officer

At cSubs, Ken is the chief architect of the applications and services that are central to the business. He heads up the ongoing development of the cSubs service, integration projects with customer systems, and research and new product development efforts.  Ken is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events worldwide.