• Overspending on data?
  • Duplicating user access across departments?
  • At risk of violating publisher terms?
  • Acquiring and renewing at a higher cost than you should?
  • Spending too much time managing the process?

It’s time for Clarity.

Clarity allows information specialists to manage licenses, eContent, subscriptions, contracts and user access — all in one place, from a single sign on.

With Clarity, you can...

1 Save Time

Quickly and easily find contracts, track utilization, run reports, poll users and acquire or renew licenses.

2 Streamline Processes

Do away with spreadsheets, sticky notes and email — Clarity lets you store, search, manage and analyze licenses from one online platform.

3 Save Money

Eliminate redundancies across departments and determine the best rates through Clarity’s advanced reporting tools.

4 Reduce Risk

Reduce compliance risk by monitoring usage, reassigning seats, and requiring T&C acceptance.

We can also help you with...


Reduce spend on many of your licenses and corporate memberships. Our negotiators are proven successful at securing the best terms for our clients.

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Subscription Management

Simplify ordering, renewing, cancelling, budgeting and managing your individual subscriptions. Prevent unnecessary renewals and automatically select the minimum rate for every order.

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Lower costs, reduce claims and improve delivery by bundling subscriptions for your company or your own clients. Order through a single source and receive a single delivery each week, anywhere in the world.

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Making an Impact


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And now a few words from our clients...

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