Your Customized Subscriptions Website

cSubs will create a customized subscription website, branded with your company name and logo, at no charge. Using your customized cSubs website, your employees and managers can easily:

  • Search for books, periodicals, software and more, by title or by topic
  • Locate other copies, finding opportunities to reduce costs by sharing or routing
  • Identify publisher special offers on trade publications
  • Identify and order publications available to you and your company free of charge
  • Place orders for new subscriptions
  • Identify and process renewals, individually or in batches
  • Place orders for others in the department according to your level of authorization
  • Designate divisions, departments and cost centers for subscribers
  • Assign project or other billing codes to individual subscriptions
  • Forward orders for approval (single or multilevel)
  • Approve or reject order requests, with comments to originator
  • Cancel subscriptions for refund
  • Transfer subscriptions to other subscribers
  • Change subscriber name or address
  • Check on order status
  • Issue service claims for missing or damaged copies
  • Check on status of service claims
  • View and download reports
  • Customize your reports, on the fly
  • And more.
Customized Website