Powerful Instant Reporting

Your boss wants to know how many orders for The Wall Street Journal were placed during the last quarter. And how much was spent on books and periodicals during the past six months. She wants the data sorted and subtotaled by cost center, and within cost center by project code, and then sorted by subscriber name.

With cSubs you can have that report in seconds, 24/7.

cSubs reports give you the tools you need to conveniently manage your budgets and cut costs. Reports are available online for easy, or as an easily downloaded spreadsheet. All the data are live... place an order, and it appears in your reports instantly. And all reports are easily customizable by each user, on the fly.

cSubs Reporting

Subscribers can access their own data, department heads can order and manage for anyone in their departments, purchasing managers can review aggregate group data -- instantly, up to the minute, anytime, anywhere.

Depending on user level, you can select specific data, or view all company subscriptions. For example, select only orders placed this year. Or view renewals coming up in the next 90 days. Choose one or more departments, one or more subscribers, one or more project codes. A particular publication, membership, book, or software license. The sky's the limit.

All these options are very powerful. And yet our clients agree that cSubs reports are plain English, easy-to-read, and as user-friendly as you can get. With a single click you can print your report right off the screen -- or download to a spreadsheet. It's easy, it's intuitive, and it's useful.

Flexible Real-Time Report Generation

  • Instant Access

    Many prospective clients ask us how many days or weeks of lead time we need for report generation -- and how much we charge for custom reports. They're pleasantly surprised to find that cSubs reports are instant, available 24/7 at no charge, and self-configurable!

  • Multi-Key Sorting

    While you're always free to export your custom-filtered data in Excel format, you may find it unnecessary. Within the cSubs website reporting tool, you can instantly sort your data by up to ten fields, ascending or descending.

  • Powerful Filtering

    In concert with the powerful cSubs sorting, you can use sophisticated wildcard filtering across multiple fields.

  • Export to Excel

    Once you've filtered your data, export the entire result set directly into Excel. You can even remove all filtering and export everything from day one.

  • Add and Remove Fields

    The cSubs reporting tool lets you decide which columns to display on screen. Customize your view, and cSubs will remember your saved preferences.

  • Save Your Favorite Reports

    After carefully crafting the sort order and filtering criteria for a perfect view of your data, you can now save and name your report. A single click lets you pull up any saved report instantly.

  • See Punchout Orders

    Even if you use punchout, you can see exactly which orders are currently circulating for approval within your procurement system.

  • View or Print Receipts

    Especially useful for organizations whose users pay by individual credit card, cSubs reports allow you to print an instant receipt for any order, perfect for expense reports.

  • Search and Sort on Dozens of Fields
    • Division or Business Unit
    • Department or Cost Center
    • Internal Client or Project Billing Code
    • Employee Name or Job Title
    • Employee Location
    • Invoice (open or paid)
    • Requester or Approver
    • Publication Title
    • Order Or Renewal Date
    • Price Paid
    • Frequency Of Publication
    • … Virtually any field at all