Client Benefits

cSubs implements flexible, customized, centralized subscription programs, employing a host of professional services to help reduce your spend on books and periodicals by 15% to 25%.

  • Minimum Authorized Rates

    Every order processed by cSubs is processed at the lowest publisher-authorized rate for which that subscriber is eligible.

  • Convenient Orders and Renewals

    Orders and renewals can be processed over the Internet (or by fax or mail), complete with single or multiple-level approval routing.

    We also offer flexible renewal options. Choose 60-day, 90-day, semi-annual or annual renewal lists, with convenient cSubs Just In Time Billing SM. Renewals can be sent directly to subscribers, to department managers or subscription coordinators -- over the Internet, by email, or on paper.

  • Customized Subscription Website

    cSubs will create a customized, password-protected Subscription Website from which your employees can search and order, forward orders for approval (single or multi-level approval routing), find publisher specials, process renewals, check on order status, view reports and more. We'll provide you with a site customized to your specs, with your logo, at no charge.

  • cSubs Jump Start Service SM

    Most subscriptions take eight weeks to start. But sometimes that just isn't good enough.

    cSubs can provide select clients in major cities with next day service on over 400 newspapers and magazines, domestic and foreign. We can also provide prompt delivery of back issues. (An additional charge may apply.)

  • Summarized Invoices

    cSubs centralizes your subscription payments, reducing paperwork and the time you spend cutting checks and reconciling your account. Invoices can be custom formatted, delimited by any field, and generated electronically, on disk, or on paper to simplify chargebacks and improve your company's cash flow.

  • Just In Time Billing SM and Payment

    With cSubs Just In Time Billing SM your cash flow is improved, because you'll never again pay for subscription renewals far in advance. Regardless of when your order is placed, you'll be invoiced only as needed to avoid lapses on renewals and enjoy prompt service on new subscriptions. (Of course, if you prefer one annual invoice, we are happy to accommodate)

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Your live, real-time subscription data is available to you in seconds, any time, day or night, 365 days a year, with cSubs.

    Subscribers can access their own data, department heads can order and manage for anyone in their departments, purchasing managers can review aggregate group data -- instantly, up to the minute, anytime, anywhere.

    Customize your report, with a simple click, to suit your current needs. Select the fields you wish to filter. Select the fields you'd like displayed. Then, right on screen, you can automatically select and sort by subscriber name, division, department, region, billing code, publication title, order or renewal date, or any field at all.

    Any time you'd like you can print your report right off the screen, or download to Excel or your own software format with a single mouseclick. It's easy, it's intuitive, and it's useful.

  • Single Source Convenience and Control

    We take care of all publisher-related tasks including change of name and address, cancellations and refunds, term extensions, replacements of missing or damaged issues, confirmations of expiration dates and more -- all things that distract employees and make them less productive.

  • Internet Efficiency, Human Relationships

    cSubs employs a host of modern technologies for efficient, convenient orders, renewals and reports, but we believe that when it comes to customer service, there's no software that can measure up to good, old-fashioned personal relationships.

    Every cSubs account is personally supervised by the principals of our company. Day-to-day responsibilities are assigned to a dedicated account team, including a Senior Account Supervisor, an Account Executive, Customer Service Rep, and Publisher Relations Manager. With this kind of team you'll be assured of personal attention, prompt service, and thorough follow-up at all times.

Put our professional services to work for you. Reduce your spend, control the chaos.