Manage Your Organization’s
Licenses, eContent, Subscriptions,
Contract Renewal & Negotiation,
User Access, and More

Power Tools for Administrators

Elegant, powerful tools let you check utilization at a glance, run reports, view contracts, run user renewal polls, and analyze by publisher. Business intelligence reporting is designed specifically to optimize spend, provide renewal decision support, and magnify your administrative power and efficiency.

License, Contract, and User Management Made Easy

Manage all your contracts and their metadata from one powerful control panel. Find out at a glance which electronic content resources are being used most, which are expiring, and which are the most costly per user. Search and sort by signatory, add and remove users, allocate costs, and check IP ranges.

A-to-Z for Your Users

A simple, searchable A-to-Z browser shows users all their entitlements, direct login links, access to terms & conditions, transparent management of clickwrap agreements, and credentials. Eliminate confusion, increase compliance, reduce risk, and get maximum value from your license and electronic content spend.


Manage risk by taking full control of your organization’s compliance with content licenses, contracts, software, and subscriptions. Attack the problem of unauthorized use and credential sharing. Empower users to customize a list of favorites with trackable one-click sign-on.

Contract Management

All your contracts are stored in one secure repository, complete with amendments, user lists, properties and terms, pricing, renewal information, and more — rationalized, searchable, reportable contract metadata and analytics at your fingertips.

Negotiation Services

Expert negotiators use their domain expertise to make sure your organization gets the best deals at renewal time. We’ll put our team to work on your behalf, analyzing your entire portfolio to make sure the contracts are right-sized, consolidated, and priced fairly.

Usage Statistics and User Polling

Breeze through renewals and avoid spending hours of time contacting individual users by phone and email. See usage statistics, automatically poll users to gauge their interest and requirements during renewal season, and see real-time graphs of their responses.