Career Opportunities: cSubs is Hiring

Senior Full-Stack Web Application Developer
CFML, Python, Front-end Engineering

Is this you? We are seeking a full-stack senior web application developer with CFML/ColdFusion experience, and the ability to jump in and work on a large CFML codebase running on the open source Railo engine. You don't always code CFML, but when you do, you prefer CFScript.

You will be able to put your strong Python experience to work, making architectural decisions as we develop new web applications in Python. You're comfortable moving back and forth from CFML to Python, and you enjoy doing front-end work with JavaScript, using jQuery, Underscore, and frameworks like Angular.js. Your JavaScript is strong. You would relish the idea of reconceiving a traditional server-side web application as a thick-client asynchronous JavaScript application backed by JSON-emitting web services.

While you may not be a designer, you understand the importance of UX and attention to detail. You believe code doesn't exist until it has been checked in to a source control system. You have strong SQL knowledge, and you understand the implications of running business logic at the database layer, the application layer, and at the client. You know why an ORM is sometimes not the best solution. Even if you haven't used them in production, you have familiarity with document-oriented database systems like MongoDB, and understand their use cases.

You'll collaborate on the design of new system features, and contribute to major new strategic projects. You're comfortable managing your own time, working independently, and developing new systems while helping to improve and optimize existing ones. But most importantly, you are proactive, smart, and get things done.

  • A Minimum of five years of experience building large web applications with CFML
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of SQL
  • Fluency with CSS, and with modern web application development methodologies
  • Excellent written and spoken English communications skills
  • Samples of code you've written yourself that you're proud of
Big Pluses
  • Strong knowledge of Python and Python frameworks like Flask or Pyramid
  • Experience with Railo. Railo is not a typo.
  • Experience integrating web applications with large enterprise procurement and ERP systems, like Ariba, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft (punchout, single sign-on, API integration, etc.)
  • Reputation on sites like Stackoverflow or Topcoder; Code on Github; Work on open-source projects; Blogging or other developer community interaction
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Experience working with PostgreSQL
  • Experience working with MongoDB or similar systems
  • Comfort at the command line
  • Comfort with Macs, Windows, and Linux
  • Aptitude for UX design
  • Experience working with CF frameworks
  • Experience with TDD
  • Bachelor's degree or greater in related field

cSubs offers a competitive salary, benefits, and workplace flexibility. cSubs is an equal opportunity employer.

This is a full-time position. To inquire, please send the following to

  • Your CV/résumé as a PDF
  • Code samples or other materials you're proud of, with descriptions or annotations where relevant
  • Your Stackoverflow, Github, Gitorious, Bitbucket, Topcoder, or other relevant IDs
  • Your salary requirements
  • Whatever else you think we should know about you

We are not accepting responses from agencies. Please do not respond if you are an agency or represent one.